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Celebrate the Season with Haitian flavors

Marie Ruth Auguste: Let's talk turkey... and Soup Joumou!Marie Ruth Auguste: Let's talk turkey... and Soup Joumou!As the saying goes, ‘Tis the season to cook, eat and be merry!

That’s exactly what my husband and I decided to do last weekend after two previous weeks of long hours at work and “sleep only” hours at home. It’s his favorite holiday of the season and after plans of going back “home” to Boston went “bust”, we decided to drive up to northern California to visit a childhood friend and her family (shout out to, “Lolo Bug”.)

As we’re accustomed to doing most of the time during the holidays, we spent a lot of our time on the drive to Palo Alto, talking and reminiscing about the days growing up as kids and all of the “house hopping” we would do on Thanksgiving Day. We naturally started talking about who made the best turkey; I would say it was me and he would say it was his sister, (we all know it was me, but I’ve got to give his sister credit, her turkey was always really spicy)! Read more

Ruth's Recipes: Especially in our grief, we must eat well for our health

Marie Ruth AugusteMarie Ruth AugusteThese last few weeks have been painful for so many of us. Sooner or later, however, the body demands nutrients to stay alive and well; mind, body and soul. For many of us (myself included) when we’re experiencing shocking, stressful, emotionally painful times loaded with anxiety, the appetite shuts down and the body says “no” to eating. From the lump that you feel in your throat to the seemingly yet vivid tightening knot in your stomach, food is the last thing on your mind and nothing will go down. Read more

Something to sip? Try a Barbancourt rum brunch punch!

RBP- the Rum Brunch Punch
Serves 4 (more or less, give or take)
Haitian-style of course with the BBC! But you can use your favorite rum though it won’t be the same.

1 QT orange juice (100% fresh squeezed, no
preservative, unpasteurized absolutely
1 half court white or gold rum (Barbancourt
Five Star preferred)
Lots of crushed ice
Orange wedges to garnish glasses
Fresh mint leaves, for hint and to garnish Read more